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A portion of each purchase goes back to children in need. Everything is 50-60% OFF excludes make to order items!!

About Us


We are a company that is passionate about creating change. Our clothing promotes positive cultural and environmental change all while teaching children about why these concepts are important. Letting children create this change positively impacts their self esteem, love for others, and development. Our free books helps children connect with our message and understand that they have the agency to enact meaningful transformations in the world around them. Research shows that one's beliefs about the world are created at a young age. We are trying to help these beliefs stay positive! With small acts of kindness and showing others love young ones learn that they can change the world. Giving them this task has shown to positively impact self esteem and self awareness. We strive to empower Spirit Baby wearers to create their own ripple effect through the positive messaging on the clothing, in turn inspiring others. From there the possibilities are endless! 

Going further with our passion of helping the world, we work directly with an orphanage in Vietnam and a non-profit in the United States called Safe Families for Children. Each product sold helps a child in need locally and globally. It’s been a dream of mine for a decade to one day give back to both charities and now that dream is a reality. The charities use this money for food, water, educational items and, of course, clothing. Our big mission is to one day be able to build more orphanages and help as many kids as we can. Check out our "How We Give Back" section on the website to learn more about this story! 


Why Organic? 

  • It is safer and softer for our little ones' sensitive skin, made without toxins and allergenic substances. We say no to all the yucky chemicals. 
  • It is better for our environment (no runoff of chemicals). 
  • It supports organic farmers who are trying to help make a difference for our environment.