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Why We Are A Eco-Friendly Brand

Posted by Allie Pries on
Organic children's brand

Hello Everyone! 

Welcome back to our Spirit Baby blog. There have been a lot of questions lately on why we decided to be an eco-friendly brand, so I decided to write about it! Our number one goal is to produce quality products that are 100% safe for our children. 

When I first started researching fabrics and found out how they were made, I read a lot of words like "phthalates, formaldehyde, lead, petroleum-based synthetic fibers" and I didn't know what they were, so I looked them up. What I found was horrific! The amount of harmful chemicals in children's clothing should be illegal. After going through all the facts, I concluded there was no way I could make clothes with a clear conscious that weren't eco-friendly, because I couldn't unsee what I saw. 

This knowledge lead me to limit exposure to unnecessary chemicals. My main focus as a Mom and owner of a company for children, was that I couldn't risk having those chemicals in my products. I am 100% sold on paying the price for safe products. From then on, I've intentionally searched to find organic clothing that is made in the most environmentally conscious way. After switching manufacturers multiple times, I finally found one that makes what we need with the quality we demand. 

The second thing that dawned on me was how much paper we would be using for our books and shipping supplies. Once again, I didn't want to add to an ongoing problem. I'm confident that by choosing to be eco-friendly, we will inspire other brands to do the same. The more demand there is in the market place for it, the more likely others are to switch to having eco-friendly options. I was surprised at how hard it was to find someone who could make my book in an eco-friendly way and it truly made me sad. We finally found one that uses recycled paper. All of our shipping supplies are also used with recycled materials and safe ink. We know the environment is suffering and we're willing to take a stand and use materials which include organic cotton for its low impact on the environment. 

We are making a difference for our future generations. I hope this blog inspires others to do the same. Protecting our little ones' future is our main goal and that includes protecting their environment as much as we can. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. We hope with your help we will spread more love throughout the world today! 





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