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Quick advice from a Child Development Expert

Posted by Allie Pries on
Quick advice from a Child Development Expert

 As parents, we want to see our children be the best they can possibly be. It's sometimes hard as a mom of a young child to know what to do to help my daughter succeed. I sat down with Ruth Bass, a pediatric speech pathologist and child development expert, to understand more about how a child develops, and to get ideas of what I can be doing more of to help my daughter grow.
Ruth’s first tip was to read with my child every day. "Not only does reading strengthen your bond, but it ignites a child's imagination which is key in becoming a well-rounded person". She suggested getting down on the floor, playing, and reading together at least 15 minutes a day. We all have busy lives and this is why it’s such an easy solution. Everyone has at least 15 minutes to implement this enriching time into their routine.
Her next tip really struck me. She said, "Watch how you talk about yourself out loud because children absorb our behaviors and mimic what they see and hear." It is crucial for kids everywhere to know they are loved and to have self-confidence. If we constantly put ourselves down, our children are likely to do the same. I find myself doing this when I say, "I have the worst memory" or "I'm not smart enough to figure this out on my own". If my daughter came up to me one day and said, “Mom I'm confused with this problem,” I would never in a million years tell her she's not smart enough to figure that out on her own. So why am I saying that to myself? The more aware we are, the more we can change!
I hope this blog was helpful and has given you some ideas on how you can grow as a parent to help your child grow as well. Stay tuned for more tips from Spirit Baby. 

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  • Brooke Thaxton on

    Such an important message. Our children become what we portray. We always need to be mindful of the example we are setting!

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